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Wood Chips For Sale North East

Our eco-friendly wood chips are a great alternative to decorative bark, mulch or aggregates to enhance your garden. Ideal for use in borders, edging, pathways or for other landscaping applications.

Wood chips are often used also on the floor for chicken runs and pig pens. Over time the wood chips tend to soften once exposed to elements, they are a long-lasting solution as they donʼt tend to break down as easy as softwood or certain mulches. Due to the process of our recycling, you may occasionally get oversized pieces of wood, which can be easily removed.

Furthermore, they can also be used for play areas, offering a cleaner play surface or animal enclosure all year.

Used for businesses, communities and the public sector organisations to generate heat

Wood chips are now also widely used by many businesses, communities, public sector and some households for the generation of heat. They can be easily processed to meet a wide variety of requirements, for example, chip size and the moisture content being the main two specifications.

Wood chips systems offer a clean and convenient heating from larger domestic properties to larger scale systems within hospitals, schools etc. Furthermore, they can also be used to fuel combined heat and power (CHP) plants, this is where the heat which is produced during electricity generation is then used to provide hot water, rather than being just lost as in conventional power stations.


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