Mulch North East Suppliers

Mulch Suppliers North East

Mulch suppliers in the North East.

Mulch is placed on top of the soil surface to help conserve moisture and hold down weeds.

A solid layer of mulch will help support your seedlings as you plant them.
Furthermore, during the winter period, it helps shelter your plants by reducing the effects of freezing and thawing.

Whatever the climate, mulch is perfect for new shrubs and trees, if you donʼt want to do another round of weeding the garden, mulch can be a great alternative to help beautify your landscape.

Advantages of mulch for the garden

Offers a variety of colours to your garden landscape
Provides a variety of shapes and sizes

Helps protect your plants

Improves drainage and channelling runoff water

Finally, our mulch is delivered in a dumpy bag or a loose pick upload.

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