Tree Removal – North East

Tree Removal, Hedge Collection & Recycling

Here at Charleton Chips we offer a tree removal service for both trees and hedges throughout the North East. We work with both the general public and commercial contractors covering the North East.

Hedges and trees are removed by our team and the waste taken away with us to recycle. However, if you prefer to remove your own trees or hedges, we will still come and collect the waste and take it back to our yard for recycling. All waste we collect is by the trailer load and charged accordingly.

Recycling to help create energy

We source sustainable biomass, mostly from low graded softwood, hedges, trees and Christmas trees. This is carried out for the generation of minimum carbon power plants this is then utilised in electricity generation.

Following this process, ensures the waste we recycle is the maximum amount
possible to help our environment.

Bring your trees & hedges to our depot for recycling

Alternatively, you can call into our depot with your tree or hedge waste and we will recycle them for you for a small charge. Each machine processes each bit of timber waste and converts it into wood chips either for the production of Biomass or to sell to the public for their gardens.


Garden chips for sale –  Furthermore, through the waste recycled we sell garden chips at our joinery shop near Chester le Street. You can order bags of chips by calling us on – 0191 371 0511.